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Polyamory Discussion Group


Morris Burner Hostel
400 E 4th St 89512 Reno United States
Hey Everyone! BRAND SPANKIN NEW Poly Group Forming. Hope to see all my friends there and a few old ones from the regional poly scene! I am very excited to let you know that you ALL ARE WELCOME. This is a RADICAL INCLUSION Discussion group.

Communication is knowledge, knowledge is power, power to love yourself and study COMPERSION or the Art of feeling pleasure when your partner feels pleasure no matter who they are with or doing. Even in MONOGAMOUS relationships compersion is a communication tool to better understand your partner's needs.

I have hosted adult singles/partnered groups since 2000; Poly, BDSM and even religious single groups. I am not a therapist, just a firm believer in communication on a group level. My discussion group style is to present information I have found on the subject, encourage participation in open discussion and have some potluck snacks as we do it.

It is true that relationships, of any kind, can be messy. It is my goal for this group to learn from one another and find some core similarities so that we may learn to Live to Love and Die Happy!